Yet another True Blood hottie is officially off the market. Joe Manganiello , who plays sexy werewolf Alcide Herveaux , recently got engaged to his girlfriend Audra Marie. Lucky girl. Since we can never have enough True Blood , even in the off-season, let’s get an update of which ones of our favorite mythical creatures are taken, and which ones we can still keep hoping and praying for:. Alexander Skarsgard: The Viking vampire that all women both on the show and in real life lust over is currently on with his on-again off-again girlfriend Kate Bosworth. She attended the Scream Awards to show support for her vamp, and they’ve recently been spotted on movie dates. The couple tied the knot this past August. Ryan Kwanten: Good news, ladies. The sexy Aussie actor, who plays dim Jason Stackhouse, has somehow remained single.

Eric and Sookie

The biggest mystery of the True Blood series finale has been answered. Warning, spoilers! Sookie Stackhouse married a stuntman! At the end of True Blood , viewers were treated to a flashforward of a married—and pregnant—happy Sookie Anna Paquin at a Thanksgiving dinner.

Everything you need to know about True Blood. Blood, Six Feet Under Creator Announced · True Blood Actor Nelsan Ellis Dies at Age 39 · Jul 8,

The on screen romance between True Blood characters Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton hasn’t exactly been on the firmest of grounds, but in real life Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer secretly married last night on the beach in Malibu. Paquin, 28, and Moyer, 40, exchanged vows under a tent across the road from the beach, and many of the guests in attendance brought presents wrapped in purple boxes with purple bows reports Us Weekly. Marriage in Malibu: Following the beach wedding of True Blood Stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, guests attended a reception at a private residence across the road from the nuptials last night.

Paquin wore a a Marilyn Monroe-esque white halterneck three-quarter length gown and black platform court shoes, with her blonde hair pulled back in a simple bun. Following the ceremony, the wedding party moved across the street to a private residence for the reception, where Moyer stripped off and jumped into the ocean to celebrate. Watery bliss: Following the ceremony, Stephen stripped down to a pair of blue swimming shorts and jumped in the ocean, front row second from right.

Anna top left stayed on dry land. In true Hollywood style, Paquin and Moyer fell in love on the set of their HBO hit vampire show, with their first kiss actually occurring on screen.

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The actor spent four days in Woodhull Hospital before he died. He was a father, a son, a grandson, a brother, a nephew, and a great friend to those that were lucky enough to know him. Nelsan was ashamed of his addiction and thus was reluctant to talk about it during his life. His family, however, believes that in death he would want his life to serve as a cautionary tale in an attempt to help others.

Here, 48 stars you never knew dated each other when they were just regular Deschanel has said Schwartzman was her first “real” boyfriend.

For seven seasons between and , True Blood was the destination for all fans of twisted, uncensored, and insanely soapy vampire drama. Following dozens of attractive of people who did bad things whenever possible, regardless of whether they were a vampire or not, the series was as soapy as it was addictive — and as infuriating as it was filled to the brim with far too many characters.

Boasting a series-spanning love square unlike any other HBO drama, True Blood was renowned for its ability to test the patience of fans, and to ruin and redeem characters at the drop of a hat, whenever it really felt like it. However, regardless of whether you were Team Bill, Team Eric, Team Alcide, or maybe even Team “sick and tired of Sookie Stackhouse,” there’s one thing that can be agreed upon.

The star power that the series amassed is still impressive as ever ten years after its premiere, especially as certain cast members’ stars are only continuing to rise within the world of Hollywood. In a show with an ever expanding cast, it’s hard to narrow things down to a manageable list of familiar faces and names.

Outer Banks Cast: Who Are the Stars of Netflix’s New Coming-of-Age Mystery Drama?

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There are a few characters/actors in this show that really draw you in and is seriously what makes the show. First place, hands down, goes to the actress who plays.

It was a toss-up between training to be an actor or an architect. What an idiot! The gaps between his last four projects were so small that he gave up his apartment in New York and put all his belongings in storage. Because if I buy these, I have to leave the other pair. So in terms of consumption, it really makes you think. But the reality, in person, is that he is both too smart and too silly for that to happen.

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Having saved Sookie, Godric orders Eric to leave the premises with her – and to do so peacefully. Unfortunately, Steve Newlin and his followers are waiting for them in the Church and he isn’t too Vampires and humans clean up in the aftermath of the explosion. Eric tricks Sookie into drinking some of his blood, much to Bill’s dismay. As a result of the lapse in security, Godric’s leadership Eric finds himself under investigation and house arrest by the American Vampire League over the disappearance of the Magister.

“That set is just a love fest I did date one of the cast members already, so I’m done.”.

Outer Banks is a coming-of-age action mystery, replete with danger, romance, and good old-fashioned whodunit. The episode season, which premiered on Netflix on April 15, features standout performances by a slew of relatively unknown young actors— many of whom, this is their first major role. Read our review here , and find out more about the cast of your new binge obsession below.

Chase Stokes stars as John B. You can find him being lightly self-deprecating and and promoting Outer Banks on Instagram hichasestokes. You can find her on Twitter madelyncline and Instagram madelynecline. Madison Bailey stars as Kiara , an athletic hippy chick with a socialist streak, and honorary Pogue from the Kook side of town. She stars in the upcoming drama, Discarded Things , as Daniella.

Ad — content continues below. Jonathan Daviss is the actor behind Pope, the smartest of the Pogues, who has a scholarship on the line — his ticket to a life outside of the Outer Banks. Outer Banks is his largest TV role to date, and what is sure to be the first of many. You can catch Daviss in episodes of Baselines , an upcoming web-series directed by Nate Parker.

46 Stars Who Dated Before They Were Famous

At times, it can feel like the Hollywood dating pool is tiny and that everyone has dated everyone. And maybe, perhaps, they have? Long before these celebrities made us laugh and cry with their acting or music, there was a time we didn’t know, like, everything about them. We discovered a smattering of celebrity relationships from before the parties achieved mega-fame, from Melissa Joan Hart, who cozied it up with Ryan Reynolds back when they were teenagers, to Keira Knightley and Mr. Grey um sorry, Jamie Dornan , when he was just known as a Calvin Klein model back in

True blood stars dating real-life Mixing business with pleasure: True Blood’s married couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer sign two-year.

Subscriber Account active since. It was set after a time in which synthetic blood was created and allowed for vampires to co-exist with humans. But not everyone welcomed them with open arms, and not every vampire was willing to live peacefully. The series was dark, violent, and provocative. It aired for seven seasons on HBO before wrapping up in She had a romantic relationship with Bill throughout the seasons, as well as relationships with the vampire Eric and the werewolf Alcide.

She always stood up for her family and friends, and learned more about her powers as the show progressed. Paquin became the second-youngest Oscar winner in history when she won for “The Piano” at 11 years old — her first acting role ever. Paquin plays Rogue in the “X-Men” movies. Tara grew up in an abusive home with her alcoholic mother.

She struggled to maintain a job until working with Sookie at the bar. He was a chef at Merlotte’s, a drug dealer, and a member of the road crew.

‘True Blood’ Actor Nelsan Ellis Died of Heart Failure From Alcohol Addiction

True Blood is an American fantasy horror drama television series produced and created by Alan Ball. The series revolves around Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin , a telepathic waitress living in the fictional rural town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. It chronicles the vampires’ struggle for equal rights and assimilation while anti-vampire organizations begin to gain power.

Sookie’s world is turned upside down when she falls in love with year-old vampire Bill Compton Stephen Moyer , and for the first time, she must navigate the trials and terrors of intimacy and relationships. The fictional universe depicted in the series is premised on the notion that vampires exist, unbeknownst to the majority of humans until two years before the series premiere, when the creation of synthetic blood “Tru Blood” by Japanese scientists, which eliminated vampires’ need for human blood to survive, allowed vampires to “come out of the coffin” and reveal their existence to the world.

True Blood alum Janina Gavankar is joining the cast of The CW’s web married after just six weeks of dating and later moves to the suburbs.

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Michael Nankin. In the near future, vampires have risen up against humanity and a war rages between the two factions. With modern twists on the steampunk original, it’s a gory and action-packed offering for this year’s Black Carpet Gala.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer Interview on True Blood and their Marriage