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Russell Brand serenades wife with Forgetting Sarah Marshall song

I don’t agree with Richard Roeper, columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, that this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not as funny as “The Year-Old Virgin” , and in terms of how often I laughed, and out loud laughter from people around me, this certainly doesn’t rank as high as last year’s “Knocked Up. Like those other two movies, this is another Judd Apatow production. I seem to really enjoy films that Apatow personally writes and directs. This one, like recent films, Apatow handed over to his friends.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall provides that rare treat: a romantic comedy about breakups, that Forgetting Sarah Marshall features male genitalia laffs presented in.

Three of the most outrageous and quotable comedies of all time — Forgetting Sarah Marshall , Knocked Up and The Year-Old Virgin — are available together for the first time! The laughs, especially from writer-star Jason Segel, are both heartfelt and raunchy, and the film is just unexpected enough that it keeps the viewer’s attention till the end. The touches of producer Judd Apatow, who’s famously retooled rom-coms to appeal to guys as much as women, are woven throughout the film, but Segel’s script, reportedly based on many of his own experiences, is fresh and original.

And adult. Segel’s script, and his performance as Peter, show that he understands the true nature of adult relationships, which provides the refreshing difference between this film and some of Apatow’s other crude creations. The cast is sublime; Kristen Bell Veronica Mars plays title character Sarah, a self-absorbed actress, and Russell Brand is her new British honey who accompanies her to–what are the chances? Mila Kunis plays Rachel, the resort employee who gives Peter a reason to hope, and Paul Rudd is the surfing instructor who gives him his own brand of heartfelt advice “When life gives you lemons, just say ‘F the lemons’ and bail,” he says cheerily.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Unrated)

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Forgetting Sarah Marshall Peter is a composer and a likable sad sack who’s devastated when his girlfriend of five years, Sarah Marshall, the star of a cheesy CSI-style crime show, dumps him. He weeps, he rails, he mopes. Finally, his step-brother Brian suggests a vacation, so Peter heads for a resort on Oahu where, as he’s checking in, he sees Sarah and her new beau, Aldous, a perverse English rocker.

Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) may be just another struggling musician, but for the past six years he’s been dating Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), one of the hottest.

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Jason Segel tells the tale of his real-life Sarah Marshall at his Harvard Book Store event

I ask because the creative types on both those low-rated but deservedly treasured sitcoms keep turning up as actors, writers and directors on the films issuing from Apatow Nation. The last two Walk Hard , Drillbit Taylor were factory seconds. Segel wrote the script and stars as the rejected lover in Forgetting Sarah Marshall , and he pulls off both jobs with a deceptive ease that does Apatow proud.

First-time feature director Nicholas Stoller — no surprise that he worked as a writer on Undeclared — shows a rare knack for keeping a balance between what makes the characters wacky and what makes them human. Mission accomplished. But this is a woman who buys him Tupperware to keep his cereal fresh.

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is, at heart, a romantic comedy, spiced with sex and bawdy humor. After five years, Peter Bretter’s girlfriend, TV star Sarah Marshall.

In desperate need of a vacation after being unceremoniously dumped by his TV-star girlfriend, a man travels to a lavish Hawaiian resort to nurse his wounds and forget his heartache, only to discover that his ex and her handsome new boyfriend are currently staying at the exact same island hot spot. Peter Bretter Jason Segel may be just another struggling musician, but for the past six years he’s been dating Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , one of the hottest stars on television.

Sarah is everything in the world to Peter, so when she kindly but firmly tells him that they should each go their separate ways, he is absolutely devastated. Later, after attempting to salvage his ego by awkwardly attempting to become a womanizer and nearly losing his job because of a nervous breakdown, an emotionally fragile Peter attempts to put the past behind him by escaping to the sun-soaked beaches of Oahu.

While at first it seems as if Peter has discovered the perfect prescription for a bad case of lost love, his plan soon turns to dust when Sarah and her new rock-star boyfriend, Aldous Russell Brand , turn up at the exact same resort. Though accepting Sarah’s lavish new lifestyle won’t be easy for the crestfallen Peter, the laid-back companionship of flirtatious resort employee Rachel Mila Kunis — not to mention a continuous regimen of fruity cocktails — goes a long way in mending the wounds of a broken heart.

Fun with Dick and Jane screenwriter Nicholas Stoller makes his directorial debut.

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The film, which was written by Segel and co-produced by Judd Apatow , was released by Universal Pictures. The story revolves around Peter Bretter, who is a music composer for a TV show that happens to feature his girlfriend, Sarah Marshall, in the lead role. After a five-year relationship, Sarah abruptly breaks up with Peter. Devastated by this event, he chooses to go on a vacation in Hawaii, in order to try to move forward with his life.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was one of several Judd Apatow comedy classics from the mids. Here’s 10 hilarious quotes from this Jason.

The new comedy from the creators of Knocked Up and Superbad doesn’t live up to the success of its predecessors. Visit ShowBizCafe to satisfy all your movie needs. Be warned: the movie’s humor is definitely directed more at an Anglo audience, which is why many Latinos might find the jokes — along with the movie — a bit dull and unsubstantial.

The plot is simple. Main character Peter Bretter Segel is a musician whose heart breaks when his girlfriend Sarah Marshall Kristen Bell , a television star, decides to end their relationship. From there, the plot pretty much falls apart and turns into a bunch of nonsense. Segel, who stars in the film and wrote its screenplay, is a talented actor who can usually hold the attention of the audience, but unfortunately, his character becomes unbearable after awhile.

We watch for two hours as his character dies a slow death, falling deeper and deeper into depression in pathetic and melodramatic ways. Forgetting Sarah Marshall does has its saving graces, though, for example: beautiful and sweet actress Mila Kunis the girl who makes Peter forget about Sarah ; Russell Brand, a rising comedic star; and Paul Rudd, who gives one of the funniest performances of his career. Is Forgetting Sarah Marshall bad? Not totally, but with the price of movie tickets so high, I suggest that you forget that the film exists.

Forget About Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Image zoom.

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By Jennifer Pearson. Mila Kunis is considered one of the world’s sexiest women so unsurprisingly, rampant lothario Russell Brand couldn’t resist hitting on her. The year-old comedian recently revealed how he tried to ‘chat up’ the actress and persuade her to go out with him while they were filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall in , only to be ignored. As it turns out, Mila was already in a long-term relationship with Home Alone star Macaulay Cullkin and she had no interest in Brand. Spurned: Russell Brand recently described how sexy Mila Kunis ignored his advances while they were filming Forgetting Sarah Marshall in

There is no doubt that Russell Brand, making his Hollywood screen debut in the irreverent romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is no ordinary comedian.

She refuses to do nude scenes, believing she would then be under pressure to get plastic surgery. Peter and Sarah were going steady for 5 years. When Peter stopped taking care of himself, Sarah grew frustrated with him. This led to her cheating on Peter with rock star Aldous Snow for a whole year before coming clean and dumping him. Sarah and Aldous then ran into Peter during their stay in Hawaii.

After Aldous dumped Sarah for obsessing about Peter, she convinced herself that she was still in love with him and tried seducing Peter. Peter angrily shot her down for treating him like an accessory. In a gag scene, they ran into each other’s arms and started wildly kissing, promising to never split up again. Aldous was a promiscuous rock star that Sarah slept with whilst she was still dating Peter.

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