New Haven Humpback Mantle Clock

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Previous Thread Next Thread. CeeJay Guest. Hello, I’ve spent a few hours looking around online to try to identify the model and age of this clock. It belonged to my grandfather. I looked through a couple of hundred models under the New Haven name on one site and saw none that looked like this one. Please excuse the chaos behind the clock in the picture, as well as the dust on the clock.. Any ideas?

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Jump to navigation. Connecticut state United States. Clock and watch industry Clocks and watches Executives Labor Subsidiary corporations. Ingraham Company Records. For more than a century, the E.

Antique Victorian mantle or desk clock dating from the late ‘s to the early ‘s with a white metal case with a gold finish. It has an Art Nouveau style case​.

Atomic Vintage Wood Alarm Clock. Height Beautiful very hard to find painted and hand decorated German mantle clocks produced by Frederick Mauthe. Very nice mantle clock in the art deco style, original painted green finish has some minor age crazing, very nice hand painted floral design on front of the case. Brass trim around the outside. Sold as is.

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New Haven Clock Company

Most clocks made in the United States at that time had wooden movements, but by , Jerome began to construct his movements from brass in a mill in Bristol. Wood parts swell and contract with humidity, causing clocks to become inaccurate at best. Brass movements have no such changeability and are therefore more accurate.

Dating the Dipsacales: comparing models, genes, and evolutionary implications Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut USA. rate smoothing, penalized likelihood, and Bayesian relaxed clock) to estimate.

The master behind Ingraham Clocks was Elias Ingraham Elias, who lived to the advanced age of 80, was born in Marlborough, Connecticut. He came to Bristol in to work for George Mitchell building clock cases. He made over five thousand clock cases for them over the next three years. As a group, Ingraham clocks, and especially the clocks made under a label bearing the Ingraham name up until , refer to clocks made by several different companies.

The firm of Brewster and Ingrahams Clock Company was formed in and operated until July 24,

A Guide to the E. Ingraham Company Records

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A decade later, Gilbert was in business with Chauncey Jerome himself, whose brass movements formed the heart of Gilbert’s new mantel clocks with ogee-style​.

New Haven Clock Company. The company’s mission is to mass produce inexpensive brass clock movements for use in clocks made by Camp’s uncle, Chauncy Jerome, founder of the the Jerome Manufacturing Company, located nearby. At th is time, the Jerome Manufacturing Company is a huge success, producing more than , clocks and timepieces per year. Early – T he Jerome Manufacturing Company goes bankrupt due to a poor business investment by its founder, Chauncy Jerome.

They move their production to the former Jerome factory. New Haven begins making clocks under their own trademark. Their workforce numbers 3 00 men and 15 women. Their workforce has also grown to men, 52 women and 88 children.

Dating the Dipsacales: comparing models, genes, and evolutionary implications

At first glance, it appeared to be the empty case of a back-winding pocket watch dating to about , but oddly, fitted with a paper railroad dial and hands see photo. What was it? After clearly savoring the puzzlement it produced for a moment, Chris explained that the “watch” had probably been used as a target for an amusement park game. Although he wasn’t sure offhand who its maker was, a small recess in the top of the case’s crown was a distinctive feature that could be used in its identification.

Dating labels from this period is very difficult; often, the best that can be done is to provide a range of years. Some clues to age are found in the depiction of the.

Incorporated February 7, , the New Haven Clock Company was formed by clockmaker Hiram Camp and others to supply clock movements to the Jerome Manufacturing Company, then the largest clockmaking operation in the world. By , the firm employed men and 15 women and was producing about , clocks a year. In , the old Jerome factory was destroyed by fire, but a new brick factory was soon built which survives today with many additions.

Their working force had increased to men, 52 women and 88 children by and nearly half a million dollars worth of clocks were produced that year. Non-jeweled pocket watches were added to the line that year and were offered until the ‘s. For years the Directors of the New Haven operation had drained the resources of the company with large dividends and by they were in serious financial condition. Hiram Camp , founder and long-time president, resigned as president in September, and his successor Samuel A.

Galpin struggled to keep the firm afloat. They nearly went into bankruptcy in but raised enough money to continue until March of when the firm was reorganized. In leadership of the firm passed to Walter C.

New Haven Clock Company Factory

William L. Which is not to say their cases were always bare-bones and simple. Some of its metal-cased clocks were bronzed, with ornate feet, vine-draped pillars, and finials resembling fat artichokes or abundant cornucopias. Other Gilbert alarm clocks were capped by bells.

The Quinnipiac River Historic District is located in New Haven, Connecticut, a large industrial city Chambers Street, another residential street, with houses dating between and. , has only Central square crenellated clock tower.

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How to Identify Antique Clocks

It has an Art Nouveau style case with a figure of a lady and a seated cherub. There is also a small holder near the cherub that might possibly be a watch holder of a small cache for jewelry. The clock is marked on the face “New Haven U. The case is unmarked. Shipping includes insurance and delivery confirmation within the USA. Height -apprx.

The New Haven Clock Company traces its roots back to the first brass clocks and The movement for this clock carries a date stamp of January , it also.

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