Info on this Silvertone archtop?

During its heyday, Harmony accounted for more than half of all guitars built in America each year. Due to this industrial level of production, it is unlikely that even its less common guitars could be called rare. Harmony guitars are not usually mentioned in the same breath as Gibson or Fender and tend to be considered low-grade instruments. While a Harmony guitar may not be worth a fortune, accurately identifying an instrument can be quite satisfying. Harmony began in when Wilhelm J. Schultz and four employees began production at the Edison Building at Washington and Market streets in Chicago. Starting modestly with a sale of two guitars to the Chicago Music Company, Schultz’s company grew quickly. In , Harmony became the first large-scale ukulele manufacturer. By the following year, Sears and Roebuck bought the company to utilize this massive production. Sales grew through to the late s, when the growth of imported instruments forced Harmony into debt and eventually liquidation.

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I thought as an initial attempt to identify and date it, I would post some you would commonly associate with Harmony or Kay-built archtop.

Order by:. Available to:. Guitar needs some repairs but has great tone and a very straight neck. No model number or serial number found. But looking on the Harmony Web Site it appears to be a H from the era. Top has a golden vintage aged wood look with nice turquoise binding around the edge.


Earlier models often have Here are some, not all, of the Harmony made Archtop Guitars I have sold in recent times – in some cases other examples of the same models may be currently available, or at least “in the workshop”. Please enquire for current availability, prices and further details. All Original Restored Condition – Photo 6. A Long-time favourite of mine.

All Original except for the floating bridge and endpin Restoration I carried out, included purpose made replacement Ebony bridge base section, and some fret work – VTG – Photo 5.

Kay guitar models usually start with the letter prefix “K” and Harmony guitar Harmony guitar made in China – can’t read model number Kay archtop dating.

Forgot your password? This used to belong to my great grandpa and I was told he got it in either the 30’s or 40’s. Besides the fact that it was refinished at one point, I don’t know anything except that it’s all original except the finish of course. Can anyone help me out here? Here are some pics, but I’ll take better ones tomorrow. I’m guessing you’ll find it difficult to get much info about your specific guitar, just because Harmony made so many guitars – including a lot of Monterey’s, with so many different details.

It’s as if they used whatever was at hand at any given time. They claimed to have made something like a half-million guitars in alone, and were still selling well into the hundreds of thousands in the ‘s. Keep in mind Harmony sold guitars under many different brand names including Silvertone and Stella ; they just cranked them out. That said, yours looks more like an early ’50’s Monterey. I don’t think Harmony started making the Monterey line until the late ’40’s at the earliest, but I may be wrong.

The headstock appears to have been partially refinished i. But that lettering is typical of early ’50’s models.

Harmony Company models

Thanks harmony your help, L20A. Originally Posted by L20A. Originally Posted by MJH. I dating it depneds dating how old she is and if her mother will let you.

With equal parts flattop and archtop, the guitar has a sound unlike anything else we’ve number lists for Vega’s guitars we can’t offer a specific date of manufacture. A perfect companion to your metallic-copper set-neck Harmony Stratotone!

Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Harmony Date Codes and Serial Numbers There has been a conventional wisdom for the last several years as to how Harmony Date Coded their instruments and how they were read. The general thought that I have posted here in the past is that they were stamped with a letter that stood for the season the instrument was built Summer, Winter, Fall followed by the two digit year.

From some recent information that was gleaned from a former Harmony employee that has changed somewhat. I went back through my records of instruments that passed through my hands certain I’d had a W in the past. I had not. Everything I’ve owned a few dozen was marked S or F.

Old Regal Archtop

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Harmony made Archtop (named because of its convex body design) and Flattop styles. How to Date Gibson Guitars Using Serial Numbers.

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Vintage Acoustic Guitars other than Martin or Gibson ( Pre-1980)

The Harmony Company of Illinois , United States , manufactured a wide variety of musical instruments which were popular during most of the 20th century. This article is devoted to documenting these instruments. Harmony’s model numbers consisted of an ‘H’ followed by a 2 to 4 digit number. The ‘H’ stood for the name of the company. Harmony hollow-body instruments were marked with inkstamps within the body of the instrument. They were also date stamped using an ‘F’ for instruments manufactured during the first half of the year and an ‘S’ for those built in the second half, and a 2 digit year code.

Silvertone -Harmony-made – solid body electric guitar with two red pickups hollow body electric guitar · Silvertone H62 – Harmony archtop Espanda.

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Dating Harmony Sovereign Guitars

Cataloging my experiences and encounters repairing and restoring guitars. Dating Harmony Guitars Harmony guitars are fairly easy to identify and date yet there still remains a lot of unsolved questions for the Be excellent to each other dudes. The Amateur Luthier. Home Top Ad. Dating Harmony Guitars Harmony guitars are fairly easy to identify and date yet there still remains a lot of unsolved questions for the average collector which I am attempting to answer here.

Mine is dated with the stamp in the soundhole. Mine is from They were made well into the early s, so it can span from about mid s.

Folkway Music has a new site. Click here to check it out. COM —. Main Photo. His guitars are continually the finest we encounter, both in craftsmanship and tone, and we are especially honored to present his latest Archtop for sale here at Folkway. Please visit www. Hand carved ebony bridge, tailpiece, and pickguard; matching curly Koa neck. Simple but tastefully appointed with mitered multiple purflings, multi-layered headstock overlays, brass-purfled headstock face, gold Schaller tuners, and pearl Graf logo.

Hand polished high-gloss lacquer finish with a hint of amber tone. Kent Armstrong floating pickup, with pickguard mounted volume and tone controls. Single note runs thoroughly fill the space around the player, while chord melodies inspire a slower pace and a little extra time to listen to the music being created. A remarkable guitar in so many ways, prepare to fall quickly in love with this masterpiece.

The instrument features a pressed spruce top with flat-top style X bracing, pin bridge and bridgeplate, pressed maple back and sides, and a The bass strings shudder nicely under a heavy attack, with a lively back that sounds best when kept away from your belly — like most lightly built carved instruments.

Harmony Guitar Identification

Welcome to the gallery of Silvertone guitars from the VintageSilvertones. The instruments are listed in chronological order from left oldest to right more recent. The gallery will continue to grow as we get more Silvertones.

My first guitar was a Harmony Archtop. I wished I had it today, for old times sake. There are websites that have alot of info on the old Harmony.

Ed: Let me tell you what I know Kay guitar models usually start with the letter prefix “K” and Harmony guitar models usually start with the letter prefix “H”. That being said, are you sure that its a Kay? Thank you for the information, it is a Harmony, I also have a Kay and just used the incorrect brand. Anything you can tell me on the Harmony would be helpful. I didn’t think I was crazy, or maybe so. However, here’s some additional information on your guitar:.

Current listed resale value is: Exc. You are quite welcome and please tell all your guitar amigos about our fine site. Be Good Bud, kcbuck.

1965 Harmony Archtop Acoustic Guitar – Model 1215